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“The longer you hold it in, the more uncomfortable you may be, and the pressure builds up.And that pressure just causes more bloating and discomfort and pain.”For most of the people I talked to, the stench was the biggest concern.“I think a little bit of mystery is nice to have.” Wanton flatulence is a slippery slope: If they started farting freely in front of each other, “we are now at risk of becoming the type of couple where, like, I'm taking a shower, and then she comes in and goes pee, which isn't something I want.And then from there, I'm brushing my teeth and she goes pee. So I went and I opened the front door to my apartment, which opens to the outside world, the open air, and I just kind of stood there, ass-out, facing inwards, and just crossed my arms like, ‘Oh, I'm just standing here, just taking in the sounds of the city.' But secretly, I was farting.” Only the outdoor pressure was higher than the indoor pressure, which made for a “barometric situation” that pushed all that fart back into the apartment.

They must have been nervous about passing gas in front of each other when they first started dating, they say, but hell, that was a long time ago.

And then it goes to her doing her makeup, and I'm, like, ' Yo, I gotta pee real quick,’ and then we're just—who knows? ”When the urge strikes, he generally leaves the room and then comes back ten seconds later. Ariana Bacle, a 24-year-old in Brooklyn, employs a slight variation: the silent fart, which, when I ask her to elaborate, she says is “like a clenching thing..kegels for your butt.” And—good news for anyone trolling Web MD!

—medically, that isn’t actually dangerous to your health.“Your colon will not explode if you don’t pass the gas,” says Dr.

My friend Jenny had just arrived at my boyfriend’s house warming party, and was a little concerned.

I’d stayed over at her Manhattan apartment the night before, and had reacted poorly to our takeout General Tso’s.

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