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Riot police engaged in running battles with protesters in the opposition stronghold of Kisumu in western Kenya.

Although the violence remained largely contained, Kenyans were nervously hoping to avoid a repetition of the ethnic killings that followed a disputed 2007 presidential poll, when some 1,200 people died Police fired teargas as several hundred protesters in the neighbourhood of Kondele - an epicentre of violence after disputed 2007 polls - set fire to barricades and tyres and placed rocks in the streets.'These results are fake, it is a sham.

They cannot be credible,' Odinga told a press conference in the early hours of the morning as partial results fell quickly via an electronic tallying system aimed at preventing fraud.

He later detailed accusations of how hackers had gained entry to the system using the identity of top IT official Chris Msando, who was found murdered and tortured late last month.'This is an attack on our democracy.

Riot police carrying shields, assault rifles and batons fired teargas and the crowd quickly dispersed, said an AFP reporter in Kisumu.

Two people were killed in Nairobi as they took advantage of the protests to steal, Nairobi police chief Japheth Koome said, with one being shot in the head.

The contested election in 2013 was taken to the courts and ended largely peacefully, though Odinga lost.

Odinga urged his supporters to 'remain calm as we look deep into this matter.' But he added: 'I don't control the people.'As his speech ended scores of supporters gathered at a roundabout in his western stronghold of Kisumu and began burning tyres.

Sebastian Omolo told reporters that chaos broke out as soon as Odinga finished speaking on television.

In 2007, the disputed vote resulted in two months of ethnically driven political violence that killed 1,100 people and displaced 600,000, a major blow to a nation seen as a regional bastion of stability.

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