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Our embrace was tender and loving, our kisses passionate. There was an amble supply of stacked firewood for the old copper in the backyard.The owner told me it was the best place to cook any crays and crabs we caught.Our location at the bay might be remote but we were only two hours drive north of the city, home and doctors.It was my job, a job I loved, to keep her well and help her get fit. Kat’s physique in some ways reflected her difficult life. She was not tall, slim with fine bones, small hands and feet, sky blue eyes, an attractive face with perfect teeth, and a wide radiant smile.

Of one mind we both walked around to the front veranda.The living area was fairly large, the kitchen at the rear with a small gas stove, a long dining table with lots of chairs adjoining it.We turned on the kero fridge then continued our inspection.The lounge was massive and directly accessible to the front door, the veranda facing the dunes and the water.The main bedroom was at the front of the house and the large double bed looked comfortable.

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