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If you want to talk to someone, then why not visit the Children and Mental Health Service or CAMHS website.Please use the link below tofind out whats available in your area.Details of the experiment were favourited or retweeted more than 1,000 times – with one user replying: “I am not surprised by the result of your experiment - any idea how to fix this?It’s revolting." Another said: “Thank you for this info.Jessica tweeted: "Just did a social experiment with my husband to teach him what being a female online is like.

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Focus area of job: HIV Prevention Hobbies: Badminton, squash, aerial arts Loves: Starbucks and anything competitive Hates: Fish and egg Interesting fact: I was once mistaken for Jude Law in Sainsbury's Stoke (best day ever) Focus area of job: Mostly sex and relationships education at schools and colleges, as well as drop-ins at schools and colleges.Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Child sexual exploitation is when someone grooms and controls a child for a sexual purpose.It can happen to boys and girls, it can happen in rural and urban areas, it can happen face to face and it can happen online.If you've got worries or need some advice we can help If something is worrying you or making you scared and you are not sure it's abuse, it's important to talk to someone you trust.You can be hurt by an adult or another young person in many ways.

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