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After the night is over, you have the option to purchase “kudos” to improve your date’s next crazy experience.

No happily-ever-after here, folks — at least not anytime soon. If you commit to going on one Crazy Blind Date a week for a year, you’re going to have 52 really interesting experiences.” Somewhere out there, someone has already started a blog to chronicle exactly that.It can probably thank its release to leading man Chris Pine's Star Trek success, though whether he'll be thanking it for anything is a different matter.He plays Danny: bright, handsome, good at basketball... Now 22 and still a virgin, he's desperate to meet the right girl.“What we really wanted, even when we first started Ok Cupid, was the ability for you to come in and say, ‘Give me a date,’ and deliver that promise,” co-founder Sam Yagan tells TIME.Now that users primarily access Ok Cupid through mobile devices — the site saw mobile usage increase 20-fold in the past year — Yagan says it’s the perfect time to release the app.

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