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Part of the nightlife renaissance that has seen most revellers move away from the traditional joints like Bobs and Lambada, The Lounge is always full inside and outside, where more seats have now been made available under gorgeous canopies.With ample packing available in the mall, it is the place to be.Would like to hook up with a running ,cycling club in both cities.

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Bosses at Adam Smith International (ASI) organised the sending of supportive statements to a powerful MPs’ committee investigating the vast profits made by so-called ‘poverty barons’ on the back of Britain’s huge foreign aid spending.Opened in 2012, Sheba has become more popular by the day, with its doors letting in hundreds of revellers every weekend out to enjoy a night out in Mombasa. Arrived Kenya 3 months ago ,based in Mombasa,sometimes Nairobi on route to Turkana to build part of the wind farm.The relatively small luxury lounge, in comparison to many clubs in the vibrant port city, is more exclusive, with more mature and discerning clientele, with the meals and refreshments more pricey.With an efficient service and over 100 cocktails from around the world stocked in a glass-covered, colourful bar, Tapas is becoming more popular with those who prefer a less noisy atmosphere.

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