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As Buzzfeed reported in 2015, back in 1995 Moore gave a keynote address to the Council of Conservative Citizens — a white supremacist group that Charleston mass murderer Dylann Roof would cite as a key influence two decades later.“I did not consider the Council of Conservative Citizens to be a ‘white supremacist’ group when I spoke to them 20 years ago,” Moore said in 2015, pointing out that other prominent Republicans like former Sen. “I obviously highly regard the fundamental principle stated in the Declaration of Independence that ‘all men are created equal.'”As CNN recently reported, Moore’s Foundation for Moral Law hosted the League of the South’s annual “Secession Day” event in 20.Rich Hobson, then the Foundation’s head and now Moore’s campaign manager, told the AP in 2010 that he’d been the one to grant the space to the League, not Moore, and said Moore’s foundation “Moore’s office is adorned with a portrait of Jefferson Davis and busts of Robert E.In that speech, Peroutka praised his daughter for refusing to play the Battle Hymn of the Republic in her school band, called a visit to Confederate leader Jefferson Davis’ grave “beautiful,” praised his son for calling the Confederate rebel flag the “American flag” and said he’d wished that those in the room had been there during the Civil War fighting for the South.“We could have used you, there should have been more of us in 1861,” he said.

It’s apparent Peroutka was listening, as he referred back to parts of Hill’s speech in his own.“We want out and we want them out of here,” Hill said about the federal government, calling for a “New southern republic,” speaking out against interracial marriage and for the “Superiority of the Christian West.”“If you can’t be proud of the fact that God created you as a white southerner and you can’t defend your patrimony then you ain’t much,” he said. And much as Peroutka’s claim he didn’t know about the League of the South’s motives is questionable, observers say Moore’s close ties with Peroutka are telling.“These are the moral and political choices Roy Moore made with his close friend and financial backer, Michael Peroutka,” said Clarkson.

But that’s become more fraught in recent years as the advent of You Tube, camera phones and campaign trackers has made it harder to keep those meetings quiet.

It’s also become more controversial to speak to Confederate groups in recent years as parts of the South have changed and in the wake of murderous racist violence in Charleston and Charlottesville.

When a Montgomery reporter confronted him about Peroutka’s big donations to his state supreme court campaign in 2012, Moore denied he supported secession but refused to disavow Peroutka’s views because “I don’t know anything about it to be concerned or not concerned, but I have no idea what was said or what they stood for.”Those who have closely watched Moore and Peroutka are skeptical.“The fact that they are so close and Roy Moore promoted Peroutka, took him out of obscurity and helped him become the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, says a lot,” Frederick Clarkson, an author with the liberal think tank Political Research Associates who has monitored Moore and Peroutka for decades, told TPM.“League of the South is a violent secessionist group rooted in the theology of Christian Reconstructionism, states’ rights and white supremacy.

There’s no question what they’re up to.”The Maryland Confederate Peroutka has been explicit about his support of the Confederacy — and h“I don’t disagree with Dr.

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