Dating website for rock climbers

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Spain, Yosemite, Patagonia, Thailand, Rocklands- every climber wants to go on exciting trips.Climbers are an adventurous bunch and that means traveling across the world, the nation, and the state to climbing destinations.The same applies for ropes, crash pads and other gear.Climbers have strong hands for pre or post send massages."I wanted to practice my Spanish so I put an ad for a coffee date partner on Craigslist," says a young professional who now climbs with her boyfriend."People would respond to my ad and ask for my stats.It's a singles night for the unattached and an opportunity to meet new climbing partners.There is also, described to me as a "Facebook just for climbers," but I think it is more like for climbers.

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I'd like to try this sometime and see who I get paired off with, although it sort of reminds me of the daring, if awkward, kids in high school who would stand on a table in the lunch room and announce, "I'm looking for a date to prom. " Planet Granite, a climbing gym in the Presidio that opened in 2008, has a "Singles and Swingers" night on the second Thursday of each month.I found out one of my friends from high school climbs all the time with her husband at Mission Cliffs, so I decided to join them one evening. Climbing, or at least top-roping, is an activity for couples at its essence. Sometimes when people show up at Mission Cliffs, the climbing gym on Harrison, without a partner, the employees at the gym will announce over the P. system that someone is looking for a partner to belay.Turns out they were part of a group of three couples. This is like putting yourself in a live date auction.So it makes sense that climbing leads to hooking up. "I hate when people hook up and then ruin things for everyone. I liked climbing with both of them," says a third party who was upset to hear about the break-up.

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