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I’ve lived in a mobile home park before, when I was a kid.

The one we were in was really nice, we were on the outside of the park, think there were police out there once on a domestic disturbance.

I have several lots on a local golf course and wou;dn’t even consider moving there now. Wondering how overall costs (from an ERE standpoint) would compare to living in an apartment at ,000/yr. If you add RV payments to the picture it may change. There’s certainly more adventure in that than staying at a camp.

I also cut several areas out for friends to park theirs when they come in. I’m single and basically just need 3 things out of it. This obviously depends on what kind of RV you’re getting e.g. I found an older Class A RV on Crag’s List here in Spokane, WA. It has begun to get warm and I just pulled out the old carpet and the dinett seats and table moved the couch from one side to the other had a mechinic help get it started and we will get the breaks bleed this weekend.

The park we are moving to is very clean, well kept, and quiet seeming (at least so far the times we’ve been over there).

The one neighbor we’ve seen looked like a nice old lady (she waved : D).

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We checked out a few areas and picked the one that looked cleanest. DH and I are still in the clutter removal process to successfully dispose of enough stuff to live in less space. They mandated a 180 day maximum stay though (didn’t want to turn the places into low-income residential units).

As a single female I was concerned at first but like Jacob said, my RV had an additional RV deadbolt lock and the windows are higher and the crank-out type. Also I would have to take on some debt to pay for the actual RV – but would be willing to do that if it beats 00/year by a significant amount.

If you live in a park with retired or snowbird type folks they will look out for you (some have nothing better to do). Did you dig your own well/make your own septic system?

There was also some security that drove a golf cart around the park. My husband is one of those working and living in rv in trailor park.unusual .00 per month plus electric opposed to 0.00 a month plus sewer. They invented the word Good life for them but not for me.

Walking in the early morning or late at night was not scary because the park was well lit and many others were out walking their pets. Once you get out there you have other rv’ers watching out for you and you keep in touch..

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